the artist

Olivia Surratt has always been interested in design. From drawing her own paper dolls as a child to meticulously executing period room miniatures as an adult for charity fundraising, her eye and her hand have always created beauty.

She has long made her living in finance. Starting at Wall Street’s famed First Boston Corporation, Olivia has worked at other financial powerhouses including Citibank and one of Baltimore’s most prominent financial managers. Now she has her own financial management firm in Baltimore.

But away from numbers and charts, Olivia’s passion is creating jewelry. Starting out using beads in unusual ways, Olivia has subsequently mastered technique after technique to enable her to express her unique artistic vision. She has completed classes and workshops at The Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a Rio Grande PMC certified instructor.

Olivia’s specialty is the innovative combination of materials and techniques to create a distinctive and wearable piece of art. You are invited to browse her gallery to enjoy what she has created.